123 Test
What better way to get to know yourself and your interests than by taking a few of the tests on 123Test.com ?

Wide Range of Tests

This site only has one test that deals directly with career choices, but it has other tests that may be nearly as valuable when it comes to helping you see yourself and your inclinations more clearly. There is a work values test and a competency that can give you insight into what might be a good career for you. What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? What is your IQ? When working as part of a team, what role do you tend to play? All these questions and more can be answered by taking a selection of the tests on this site.

Career Aptitude Test

The career aptitude test is free and gives you a fairly detailed analysis of your aptitudes, as well as a list of possible occupations that fit with your personality type. The analysis lists six main personality traits: social, investigative, realistic, conventional, artistic, and enterprising, and shows you a pie chart with your particular traits diagrammed. It can show you where your talents might be put to the best use in terms of your career, and what areas may need some closer examination. It can also give you hints about what traits you might want to work on improving so that you can maximize your chances of doing well.

Consider the IQ Test

There are free sample IQ tests that you can take, but for the full version you will need to pay a fee. These tests take about 30 minutes to complete and will give you a reasonably accurate picture of your reasoning skills. The Culture Fair test is certified and is the test used to determine if you can be admitted to the International High IQ Society.

In general, this site is not only educational, it is fun, and very interesting.

We strongly recommend you visit 123Test.com and take some of their tests to gain a better understanding about yourself to aide in choosing Career options.