Arizona State University

Arizona State University
Arizona State University started in 1885 in Tempe, Arizona, as a training school for teachers called the Territorial Normal School.

The Early Days

The first class had a grand total of 33 students. The little territorial school has grown to boast an enrollment of 72,000 students in 2017, one of the largest student bodies in a university in the whole country. It has four campuses, and offers courses in over 250 different majors.

Arizona State’s Online Programs

Arizona State University has a robust online program selection for anyone looking to upgrade or enhance their education. Their website at is the home of ASU Continuing and Professional Education, which offers 455 certificate courses in a wide range of subjects. There is a series of courses on different aspects of Professional Skills Mastery, courses in the medical field that teach about dementia, courses for dentists, courses for teachers that will help them do everything from Creating Connected Classrooms to Integrating Sustainability Science into the Classroom. There are courses to help professionals learn about project management, Communicating with Email and Memos, and Developing Reports and Proposals. There is something for everyone in this huge selection of educational opportunities.

Online Courses Credits

Students can earn a certificate for completing the online courses that gives them university credits. The shortest courses can take as little as 5 or 6 hours to complete, but the longer ones can take much more than that. Students can choose their courses based on how many hours they are willing to put in, or based on what it will do for their careers, or just on how much they are interested in learning.

Arizona State Costs

The cost of the online non-degree courses is quite reasonable, in general. There is a selection of free courses, the vast majority of the courses cost less than $500 each, and there are a few at the other end of the spectrum that cost several thousand dollars. Tuition costs for this public university are certainly lower than at most private institutions, and the quality of the education is very good.