Career Fitter is a good resource for those who are looking for a good analysis of their work personality.

About the Test

The website gives you a sixty question quiz that takes a little over ten minutes to complete, and then generates a report that details your strengths, your style, your quest, and then offers an analysis of the answers you gave to the test questions. It then shows a personality chart that illustrates the balance between your different traits.

Occupation Optioins

The next part of the report is a list of possible occupations that you may be suited for. The list is interesting in that it doesn’t just list occupations in one category, it shows jobs in several different areas that might work for you. There is a list of jobs in the development/planning field, for example, and another list in the medical field, then one in the professional sector, one in academic, and a list labeled “other” where jobs that may suit you but don’t fit in the above categories go. The categories may be different for each person taking the test, but the general layout is the same.

Personality Traits

This report is interesting in that it gives a list of things that you should look for in a job so that you will do well and enjoy the job. If you can find a job that meets the criteria, chances are you will find success there. The next part of the report deals with your four primary characteristics as they affect your work life. There is an analysis of your potential weaknesses, which may give you some insight into things that you need to work on, followed by some lists of things like your ideal business environment and your communication style.

On the whole, this website can give you a fairly comprehensive overview of what type of employment would suit you best, and where you could develop your skills and thrive in the workplace.

We strongly recommend you visit and take some of their tests to gain a better understanding about yourself to aide in choosing Career options.