Colorado State University

Colorado State University

Colorado State University may have begun its life in 1880 with a grand total of 25 students, but today those 25 students would be amazed at the size and scope of their alma mater. The university today has eight colleges, 2000 faculty members, and offers bachelor’s degrees in 65 fields of study. Total enrollment now is over 33,000 students.

Colorado U Online Offerings

CSU also has an extensive selection of online education opportunities. You can earn a master’s degree in everything from agricultural sciences to statistics, a bachelor’s degree in economics, horticulture, or many other fields of study, or you can take an undergraduate course in power and energy. There is an extensive list of courses that allow working professionals to take short online courses to enhance their professional development and keep them up to date in their particular field. CSU has a veterinary sciences program and offers a good selection of online continuing education courses specifically for veterinarians. Students can choose from a wide variety of noncredit courses to fulfill continuing education requirements and complete them on their own time. There is even a selection of free MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) that students can enroll in.

It is important to be sure that whatever courses you wish to take are approved by your state qualification board and/or by your employer. You wouldn’t want to complete a course only to be told that it doesn’t meet the requirements, so clearing the course beforehand is always a good idea.

Tuitioin Fee Levels

Tuition fees for continuing education courses varies but is in the average range when compared to other institutions. There are free courses, but selection is limited. Potential student can check with their employers to see if they offer a TAP (tuition assistance plan) that would help pay for courses.

CSU has a Student Services and Resources page with an extensive list of services and resources to help students complete their online courses. Students who choose this university usually give it good reviews.