Community and Social Services

Community and Social Services

Community and social services workers are only a small part of the American workforce, but they perform an extremely important function in society. Without social workers, there would be a lot of people in our communities unable to cope with some part of their lives, and unable to get help with coping. This could create a societal disaster, which means that social workers are vital to a well-run society.

Typical Job duties

Community and social service workers can wear many different hats. Direct service social workers work with specific segments of the population such as the disadvantaged, people who are homeless, children who are at risk of harm, adoptions, elder care, end of life care, addictions care, and many others. They help people to access programs that can help them to live their best possible life, and others get through temporary rough patches.

Clinical Social Workers

Clinical social workers deal more with the administration of services to the public, such as providing diagnosis and treatment for mentally ill people, those with depression and anxiety, and behavioral disorders such as ADHD. The job of a social worker can be very difficult, and many people do not stay in the profession long due to emotional burnout. The pay is relatively low for such a demanding profession, with front line social workers earning an average of $43,000.00 a year, approximately, and the minimum requirement for education is a bachelor’s degree in social work. Many social workers have higher levels of education, allowing them to earn somewhat higher salaries.

Social Services Salary Levels

Community and social service managers are usually the highest paid group in the community and social services sector. The median wage for community and social service managers is about $65,000.00 a year, and most of these workers have a bachelor’s degree, as well as a graduate degree or even a PhD. As in most professions, the more education you have the more money you can expect to earn.