Education & Teachers

Education & Teachers
The field of education includes all educators, from preschool teachers to university professors, as well as librarians, archivists, and museum workers. When you consider just how vitally important education is, not just to the individual, but to the nation, and indeed to the world as a whole, you would think that the teaching professions would be not only highly valued, but also highly paid. You would be wrong. A university professor earns an average annual income of $98,974, much less than, say, a computer programmer or a lawyer in private practice, even though the professor may have taught them at least some aspect of their jobs.

Salary potential Preschool to Elementary

A preschool teacher with an associate’s degree can expect a salary of about $28,990 a year, a special education teacher with a bachelor’s degree can earn abut $58, 980 per year, and an elementary school teacher with a bachelor’s degree has a median salary of $56,900. These professions are crucial to the development of young minds but are certainly not paid accordingly in America.

Salary potential Middle School to High Schools

As we move to older students, a middle school teacher’s median annual salary is $57,720, a high school teacher gets $59,170, and a teacher who specializes in teaching adults their high school equivalency diploma course earns $52,100. All of these occupations require a bachelor’s degree, which usually means at least four years of post-secondary education.

Salary potential University Professor

A full fledged university professor may make nearly $100,000 a year, but for most other university-level educators, the pay is somewhat less. An associate professor would make about $69,911 per year. Post-secondary level instructors make an average of $42,609, and lecturers make $48,289.

Salary potential Librarians

Librarians need a master’s degree, but only earn $58,520, while a library technician or assistant would only make $29,050, albeit with much less education than a librarian.

In general, the field of education may be rewarding in other ways, but it not a highly lucrative field in North America. Europe, on the other hand, pays educators very well compared to America.