Free Education ?

In some countries – notably Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland in Europe, and Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, and Ecuador in South America – students may attend university or college without paying a penny in tuition. These are not the only countries that offer some form of free education, by any means, but these are the most well-known. Why on earth would a country do this when they could be making a profit off their students? Well, these countries have put the good of society, the good of the country, and the good of the whole world ahead of any notions of profit, for one thing, and for another, they understand very clearly that an educated populace is the best possible way to ensure that your country remains prosperous and well-run.
A well-educated populace gives a country a huge advantage over one whose people are poorly educated in several very significant ways: crime rates tend to be lower, voter turnout is usually higher and political participation and discourse is enthusiastic and animated, (but seldom violent), GDP is generally higher (on a per capita basis) social programs are more innovative and effective, and even the physical health of the population is improved. Not every country that offers free post-secondary education has achieved all of these goals, but all are working towards them.Post Secondary Education, Free Education
One of the best arguments that exists in favor of free education is this: the more expensive it is to access higher education, the fewer people there are who will be able to afford it. Charging exorbitant fees to access education eventually gives you a situation in which only the elite – the richest 10% or 20% of the population – can afford to send their children to university. The bottom 80% are effectively locked out of the process. Unfortunately, the rich haven’t cornered the market on intelligence, by any stretch of the imagination, so the overall level of achievement will inevitably go down if that situation persists for any length of time. This is the type of situation where you see universities lowering their entrance requirements because too many of the students who can afford to attend cannot pass the entrance exams, even though it is obvious that such an action will lead to a general dumbing-down of the whole education system and eventually the whole country.

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