Why get an Online Degree

As our world progressed into the internet age, all of the world’s interactions changed.

It used to be HARD to get an Online Degree

Forty years ago, if you wanted to earn a university degree, you had to physically attend classes at a university. There were some universities who offered limited amounts of learning via correspondence courses, but the vast majority of your learning had to be done while physically present at the school. As snail mail has been replaced by email, so too has correspondence-type learning given way to online courses.

Online Degrees for Working Parents

Until the last 20 years or so, people who worked full time, or who had families to look after, or who lived far away from any university and couldn’t leave their homes for several years to attend university, were essentially denied a university education. Since there were many millions of people who fit into these categories, this was a concern for everyone. Governments were concerned that the lack of educational opportunities for so many people would prevent their countries from becoming as prosperous and well-run as they could possibly be. Businesses were concerned because highly educated employees make businesses more profitable, and they needed many more of those types of employees. Universities felt the pressure from both governments and businesses and worked towards finding ways to deliver effective long-distance education.

Additional Benefits

Taking Courses and Degree programs while you work is one of the best ways to access the highly sought after Promotion Path.
Not only are you demonstrating skills like Hard work, commitment, but also your employer will be able to see your value increase as you both know more but are able to bring new and innovative ideas to all aspects of your job.

Continuing Education
If you have an employer who doesn’t see the value of ongoing education then its a given that they are also not progressive, not interesting in innovation and product improvement. This should be a red flag to all employees that they need to seriously consider finding a better place to work.
Your job is more truely a partnership and continuing education if your commitment to innovation and improvement, you need an employer with the same values to make it work and for both sides to be satisfied. You do not want to get 20 years into working for a company only to end up realizing they will never change to become who you always wanted them to be.

What changed for Online Degrees

When the internet became widely known and widely used, universities saw an opportunity to achieve their goals in a way that had never been available before. They wholeheartedly embraced the concept of online learning at an early date, and many universities began to offer at least a few online courses in the late 1990’s and have been working to improve the quality and ease-of-use ever since. Today’s online learning opportunities are a result of many years of intense work on the part of universities, and It shows. You can earn a legitimate degree online from literally hundreds of different universities, and far fewer people are barred from getting an education today than there were even 30 years ago.