Globalization and Your MBA Degree

Today’s world is fast-paced and so interconnected that sending chickens from the United States to China to be processed and sent back for consumption is not as unlikely as it sounds. Trade truly is a global enterprise now, and no MBA degree would be complete without a comprehensive education in how globalization affects the planning, interactions, and transactions of businesses all over the world. The unfortunate fact, however, is that of the approximately 13,000 schools on the planet (only about 10% of which are accredited institutions) that offer an MBA program, most do not place much emphasis on global trade and its complexities and opportunities.

What Does Globalization Mean?

Globalization means that every business has a new area of interest and concern to contend with, as the implications of international competition and a multitude of differing laws governing commerce quickly become apparent to business people all over the world. Those who teach courses in MBA programs would do well to come up with course material that will allow them to teach students the ins and outs of global trade and how to make the current situation work in a posit,ive way for their businesses. Even those students who are only ever intending to run a small, local business will be affected by the currents and eddies of global markets, global trade, and global competition, so learning how the system works and how it could impact their bottom line is a necessity.

Comprehensive MBA Program

There are very few MBA press can succeed in global terms. If you are comparing institutions that offer MBA programs, always choose the one with the best globalization course.