Harvard Online Learning Portal

Harvard Online Learning Portal

The Harvard Online Learning Portal has something for almost everyone.

Harvard Learning Portal

If you are looking to complete continuing education credits through this site, you can choose from several different levels of engagement. You can opt for free courses that give you no credit or certificate of completion at the end of the learning module, paid courses that let you earn what they call a verified certificate, which verifies your identity and attests that you completed the course, and paid courses that give you a non-credit based Harvard-branded certificate if you successfully pass the course. You will need to check with your employer first to make sure that they will accept courses from Harvard Online Learning Portal before starting any courses.

Course Diversity

Harvard offers a huge selection of free courses in subjects like business, education, mathematics and data analysis, government, science and engineering, medicine, and many more.
There is a menu down the left side of the page where you can select the category of education you are looking for and then scroll through the offerings, or you can simply scroll through the entire huge selection of courses and choose what suits you best or sounds interesting to you.

Course Descriptions

If you click on a course offering, you can watch a short video about the course, read a short synopsis of the course content, and see the faculty involved in presenting the course. You can check to see what, if any, certificate is associated with that course, as well as whether there are mandatory assignments and interactive learning elements. The bottom of the page gives you a look at other courses in the same area of learning in case you’d be interested in looking at one of them as well.

Once you have selected a course to take, and received the go-ahead from your employer, you can begin your Harvard education.