MBA Program declining enrolment

Is the world saturated with MBA degrees? In general, enrollment in MBA programs is decreasing in North America, while enrollment in countries like China and India is increasing. These statistics are right in line with other job trends around the world, however. Declining economies in North America and Europe seem to be giving way to emerging powerhouses like the Chinese economy, and the gigantic surge in India’s economy.

What is Causing it ?

The decline in MBA program enrollment is uneven – part time programs are significantly less popular lately, and while full time program enrolment has also declined, it has been a much less dramatic drop. The reasons behind these declines in enrolment are somewhat difficult to pin down. It may be due to the fact that the MBA degree in general has lost som of its cachet since the financial crash of 2008, since the world watched as thousands of people with MBA degrees took the world’s economy to the brink of disaster, and apparently were not capable of predicting the crash, let alone stopping it. The high cost of obtaining an MBA degree may also play a part, since unemployment is high, wages are stagnant, student loans are expensive, and the average person is becoming less and less able to afford an expensive education. It is also possible that business schools have enjoyed high application volumes for so long that they have gradually raised their entrance requirements to the point where fewer people qualify for the course.

Online MBA Thriving

The one area that seems to be thriving in MBA programs is the online option. This may be due to high numbers of people earning their MBA degrees while simultaneously holding down a full-time job. The online course offers a degree of flexibility that none of the full-time or even part-time courses are able to.