Nursing Management

Administration Career
Those who go into nursing management after starting their careers as hands-on nurses can have a very steep learning curve ahead of them unless they have prepared themselves for just such an eventuality by taking the right types of courses and developing the necessary skills in advance.

Steps to become a Nursing Manager

If your goal is to become a nursing manager, you will need to first get your RN license.  You must earn that by taking a nursing program through an accredited nursing program, and passing the NCLEX-RN exam.  The next step is to earn your master’s degree in nursing, since very few hospitals will accept anything less than a master’s degree these days when hiring managers.  You will need to develop strong leadership skills, as well as at least a basic knowledge of everything from budgets and staffing requirements to quality assurance and strategic planning.  Some nursing colleges offer online nursing programs with a specialization in organizational leadership, which will provide the student with a good basic education in all of the required fields.

Skills required to be an effective Nursing Manager

A good nurse manager leads rather than manages her team.  The difference is that a manager tends to focus on only the business aspect of the operation, whereas a true leader encourages and inspires and motivates the team to do well together.  The leader of any team can have a huge influence on the success or failure of the team as a whole.  Morale can be high or low, depending on the actions and attitude of the leader.  The efficiency of the team can be adversely affected by a leader with poor organizational skills or poor communication skills.  Some of the skills that are extremely important in nursing are equally important in nursing management, but many of the skills that are critical to a good nurse manager are not those that are taught in nursing courses.