Are Online Degrees Good

With the proliferation of online universities now, and the prohibitively high costs of getting a degree at a brick-and-mortar school, more and more people are taking a serious look at online degrees. The costs are lower, and in many cases the courses seem to be not only shorter, but easier as well. Unfortunately, things that appear to be too good to be true generally are, and online degree programs are no different.

Reputable University

An online degree from a reputable university with widespread name recognition and a reputation for academic excellence is every bit as good as the same degree earned while physically attending classes at that same university. It is also every bit as much work to get. The same degree from an online university that requires little or no study, has only a few ludicrously simple assignments, and a short multiple-choice exam or two, and requires very little effort on the part of the student is obviously nothing but a scam, and the degree earned is essentially worthless if potential employers do their homework and check all applicants’ education records before offering them a job. It is very simple to do a quick online search that will immediately expose any fraudulent educational claims, and due to the recent rise in the number of people being publicly exposed as frauds, companies are making that part of their process when evaluating potential hires.

If it is your intention to earn a degree or a certificate online, my advice would be to get your education from an established school that offers accredited courses and widely recognized diplomas. It may be more expensive, but in the long run, you will benefit from both a good, useful education, and the diploma and credentials that you will have at the end of it, and you can go through life confident that you truly do have the education you need to succeed in life.