Online MBA Degree Programs

Many people today who choose to earn an MBA degree do so using an online format. There are many business schools offering a complete online MBA program, and enrolment has been quite high in these programs, since they allow students to complete course requirements on their own time at home. There is no need to leave home and attend school full time, which reduces the overall cost of the program.

Where You Save using Online Schools

Tuition in online courses is comparable to that for full time attendance at an accredited business school, but since living expenses are less of a factor and travel expenses are eliminated in most programs, the overall costs of an online MBA degree are usually much less than in a full time program.

Why Online Works when you Work

Online MBA programs are generally seen as being more relaxed, since most online MBA degrees take three or even four years to complete. There are accelerated programs that allow students to earn an online MBA degree in one or two years, but the workload is intense and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to complete all of the required course work while simultaneously holding down a full-time job. Some online courses combine their online components with some live classes, meaning that student may work at home for several months in between short bursts of attending live classes.

Hidden Benefits for Working Stiffs

One of the best things about working on your Online MBA Degree while you work is that you will come out the other side without the massive student debt that is common today.

Debt Free MBA

The largest drawback to advanced education in North America today is not the quality of your degree but rather the massive student debt. Finding an Employer who supports and even requires employees to advance their education is the ideal Solution. Too many students put their heads down, soak up the Debt, and hope at the end of 5 years to have a Degree that not only gives then the Salary they now need to get Debt free, but also is a Career that they actually LIKE.

As in any other MBA course, an online MBA degree requires the student to successfully complete the requisite number of core courses, as well as electives and a dissertation or thesis. The biggest advantage of an online MBA course is that it gives the student the opportunity to work at their own pace as their schedule allows, and the biggest disadvantage of an online MBA course is that students may not feel any sense of urgency and will therefore not complete the course at all because they lack the self-discipline to make themselves stick to a schedule and complete all the required course work.