Passing DMV Tests and Online Practice Tests

If you find out that you do have to pass an American driver’s license exam, the first thing you’ll need is a driving handbook. You can get one from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. This book contains all the rules of the road, both the ones that are specific to your state, and the ones that are applicable nation-wide, and you will need to know every single one of them. If you have had a driver’s license before, it will just be a matter of learning the rules that are different from what you may be used to, but if you are a newcomer to the world of driving, you will have a lot to learn. It is imperative that you study hard and learn all the rules of the road, all the driving techniques, and all the tips and tricks that are detailed in the handbook. If you choose to access this information online instead of getting a paper book, that will work too, although studies have shown that most people retain information better if they read it from an actual book than if they read it on a screen. (You will also need to be sure that you have downloaded the newest version of the driver’s handbook, so that you aren’t studying an outdated book that will not teach you what you need to know. Be sure to download the version from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website, as that will always be the current version.) There are also studies that show that it is easier to retain information if you write it out in your own words, so that technique may be helpful in learning all the rules for driving, as long as you are careful not to change the meaning of the rule as you put it into your own words.

DMV Test ; Online Practice Test
DMV Test ; Online Practice Test

Once you have your driver’s handbook, you will need to spend some time reading it through to give yourself an overview of all the rules it contains. There will be sections on the basic requirements for getting a driver’s license, safety rules, traffic signs, driving techniques, and other information that is extremely important for you to know. Once you have familiarized yourself with the book and what it contains, then will come the job of memorizing the rules and understanding how they work and why they work. Many people make flash cards, or ask someone to quiz them, or read the material out loud to make it stick in their brains. Most people use a combination of techniques that works well for them, and after they are satisfied that they have learned the rules of the road well enough, they go onto the Department of Motor Vehicles website to take a practice exam. Most DMV websites will have a selection of practice exams, and you can redo them as many times as you feel is necessary in order to make sure you know the material well enough to pass the real exam. Again, the key to passing the Online Practice DMV Exams is to find a way to study the information that makes it possible for you to remember it. Some people say it will help you to understand and remember the rules if you keep careful watch when you are riding in a car or a bus and visualize the correct responses in every traffic situation that you see. This will help you to understand the rules better and therefore remember them better.

When it comes time to take the practice exams, remember to read the question through carefully twice, and be sure you understand exactly what it is asking before you attempt to answer it.  Many exam failures are due more to failure to answer the question that is being asked than they are to lack of knowledge.  The online practice exams, as well as the final exam, are all multiple-choice, so you will not be asked to write out any answers.  There are usually four or five possible answers to choose from, and you will need to choose the one that is correct.  There are usually at least two answers that could possibly be correct, so you will need to know the driver’s handbook information very well in order to pick the right answer.  During the practice exams, you will be able to open your book and look up the correct answer, but you should only do this when you are stuck and cannot answer the question yourself.  Each time that you have to look up an answer, you should go over that whole section of the book again, make flash cards, ask a friend or family member to quiz you on it, and be sure that you know it thoroughly before taking the next practice exam.  Each time that you get an answer wrong, you will be shown the correct answer and an explanation at the end of the practice exam, so you should be sure to read these carefully and make sure you understand why the answer you gave was incorrect and what the correct answer means.  The more times you go over the practice tests, the easier this will all become, until you no longer have to look up answers and can answer every question with confidence.  When you are consistently getting 100% correct on each practice exam, you may consider yourself ready for the real written exam at the DMV.

On arrival at the DMV, you will be asked to provide your personal information and identification.  You will also need to pay a fee, usually.  The fee, like most other things, varies from state to state, with some states charging a small licensing fee every year, while others charge a one-time fee ranging from $30 to $90 and have no yearly licensing fee.

When the initial paperwork is complete, it will be time to actually write your exam.  Many of the questions on the formal exam will have been on your practice exams, so you should be able to answer them easily enough.  For questions that you do not remember from the practice tests, be sure to read the question carefully and be very clear on what they are asking before you look at the possible answers.  It is important to stay calm and remember that you do know the rules of the road, so a question that you have not seen before shouldn’t be that difficult to answer.  Almost all states require you to get 80% of the questions right on the exam to obtain a passing grade, so if you get a question or two wrong it won’t be the end of the world.  Most written exams consist of 25 questions, so as long as you get 20 or more correct, you will be fine. DMV Test ; Online Practice Test

When you have successfully passed your written exam, you will be given your learner’s permit and can actually begin to learn how to operate a motor vehicle.  You will be required to drive only under certain conditions, and if you violate those conditions you will face sever consequences.  The period of time that you must keep your learner’s permit varies from state to state but is usually between 3 months and one year.  When you are ready, you will be able to take the practical driving exam and obtain your full driving license.  Congratulations!


If you fail to get a passing grade do not be discouraged. Dig into Practice Tests and find new sources of tests to take and try. Remember that it is not uncommon to fail the first attempt at the tests because they want to ensure you really know the material before passing you.