Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus

Penn State University is one of the biggest universities in America.

The early days

It started as one campus in 1855 and is now a network of affiliated campuses throughout Pennsylvania, with each campus having a different focus. There is a College of Medicine, there are two different law schools, separate campuses for the study of science, technology, liberal arts, engineering, and several others. The university has a total of eighteen different campuses, plus the online school, the Penn State World Campus. The World Campus offers short professional development and continuing education courses for working professionals of all types as well as bachelor’s degrees, associates degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.

Continuing Education

The Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies also provides continuing education courses, and each specialized campus offers continuing education opportunities to its graduates and others in that field. The Penn State Outreach and Online Education website offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) through Coursera, which gives students the opportunity to take courses that are free and open to anyone.

Specialized Campus’s

Each specialized campus at Penn State has ongoing professional development education courses for its graduates or others in that field. For example, the school of engineering offers courses that allow engineers to keep up with the latest knowledge and technology that pertains to engineering. The medical school offers continuing medical education courses that allow health care workers to keep up to date on medical advances as well as refresher courses to make sure they don’t forget the basics of what they learned in school. There are websites attached to each college within the Penn State system where you can access continuing education courses both online and in person.

The wide scope of the Penn State system means that the university can offer something for everyone, whether they are in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the world.