Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurse
Most of the time, a nurse cares for only one patient at a time, but that is not the case for the Public Health Nurse.

Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nurses take care of whole populations, performing a variety of tasks that enhance the health of the whole community. The role of the Public Health Nurse is an important one, especially for populations who have limited access to health care. The Public Health Nurse is instrumental in educating communities about health issues, working with populations to reduce disease, and ensuring that those who need it have access to health care.Obtaining a public health nursing license takes work.

Step 1

First of all, you must have your RN license, achieved through an accredited nursing program, and you must have passed the NCLEX-RN exam. Furthering your education can be done at least partially online, where you can take more advanced nursing classes, making it somewhat easier to complete the course requirements while working. You may choose to specialize somewhat in one particular area of public health, or stick with a generalized program.

Step 2

Once you have obtained your Public Health Nurse license, you will have an interesting and diverse job to do. Public health nursing is focused on disease prevention, public health education, and helping people access health care. In the course of any normal day, a Public Health Nurse might visit an elderly person and their family to educate them about the types of healthcare that is available to them should they choose to access it, teach a prenatal class to expectant parents, advocate for patients who need family doctors and don’t have them, perform a well-baby exam at the home of a new mother, and vaccinate a classroom full of children. The nursing degree program that can teach a person to do all of those things well must be truly extraordinary.