University of California at Berkeley

University of California

What is UC at Berkley ?

UC Berkeley, as it is commonly known, started life in 1868 with its founders envisioning it as a future “City of Learning” and throughout its long life, it has lived up to their expectations. Situated in Berkeley on San Francisco Bay, it is well known all over the world and boasts some very famous alumni.

U of C Online Programs

The online division of UC Berkeley is known as UC BerkeleyX. The Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education started in 2012 and allows student to take online courses of all sorts.

Massive Online Open Courses at U of C

One of their most interesting projects is called MOOCLab, which is a program designed to participate in the production of MOOCs, or Massive Online Open Courses. In the years since MOOCLab started, it has created many interesting courses, such as Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails – Basics and many others. These courses are free for students and get consistently good reviews. Many of them have the option of ordering a course completion certificate for a fee, but there is no cost for tuition.

MOOCLab for Working Professionals

MOOCs are self-paced courses, so working professionals could complete the courses on their own time as it suits them. Someone looking to take one of their courses could chose from a long list that includes everything from Solving Public Policy Problems and Writing for Social Media to Foundations of Data Science and Marketing Analytics. There are courses on English Literature and The Science of Happiness, as well as Quantum Mechanics and How to Save Money. You can take An Introduction to Statistics or Cyber-Physical Systems. The selection is interesting, and the courses generally take a few weeks to complete, with students expected to put in up to 10 hours per week in reading, study, and completing assignments.

The online course offerings from UC Berkeley are already good, and they are working to expend and improve their selection every day.