University of Florida

University of Florida

U of F History

The University of Florida is based in Gainesville, Florida, and has been in operation there since 1906, and today has an enrolment of approximately 55,000 students. It is designated as a preeminent research university by the Carnegie foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and has been ranked the ninth best American public university by the U. S. News and World Report. It has a good reputation, and is well thought of worldwide.

Online Courses

The University of Florida has a robust online division that offers not only master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and non-degree courses, but an extensive list of continuing education and professional development courses. These courses are offered to alumni, professionals of all stripes, corporations, and the general public. The prices are reasonable, and you can choose from a great selection of courses – everything from landscaping to critical care paramedic courses. There is a good selection of continuing education courses for veterinarians, loss prevention courses, a bail bond qualification course, and health care risk management and patient safety. There is something for pretty much everyone in this list, and it is growing all the time.

Who finds University of Florida a Good Fit ?

As online learning becomes more and more popular, people who can’t necessarily afford to attend a brick and mortar school can still gain a higher level of education if they are willing to put in the work from wherever that are. Today, if you have a computer and an internet connection, you can attend university and never leave home. The University of Florida has risen to the challenge of providing distance learning through online courses and done it well.


The tuition fees for continuing education courses vary widely, depending on the course length and content. Some courses are as low as $25, while others are up to $1000. Some courses are a day long, while others are at least 120 hours of learning. This gives student a good field of choices, providing something for everyone.