What Career for me

WhatCareerIsRightForMe.com combines aptitude testing with actual job postings in your area, so there is the potential that you will not only find out what you might be good at, you could find your dream job as well.

Give some Thought to your Answers

When answering the test questions, it is important to really think about your skills and be objective when you are giving yourself a score. It is easy to think “Oh yes, I am easy to get along with and work well with others.” but if you have frequent fights with co-workers and have done so at every job you have ever had, then you need to be realistic and give the answer that you know to be true, rather than the one you wish was true. Aptitude tests can be a good tool, but only if you use them properly and acknowledge your own weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Review the Test Results

Once you have completed the aptitude test, the results will show up as a list of possible careers for you. If you click on the possible career, you get a short description of what the job entails, the average salary it pays, and a list of job postings for that work. The postings cover the whole United States, so you could find your dream job anywhere from Texas to New York.

Review Schools

Another nice feature of WhatCareerIsRightForMe.com is that you can also browse schools that offer the education needed to qualify for the career you are looking at. You need to fill out a short form and give your zip code, and you can view schools in your area that offer the courses you would have to take to qualify for your dream job.

Consider taking the Test several Times

Altogether, WhatCareerIsRightForMe.com offers a good all-around job search tool that may help you find what you are looking for. Take the Test several Times over a month and compare results.